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The Right Words

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Her words are few and inadequate.
Unsuited to the task.
She needs them to be certain.
Their meaning clear,
There can be no misunderstanding.
No misinterpretation.
Her words must say what needs to be said.
Once uttered they can not be taken back.


About Hawksword

Reluctant writer, word dabbler...tea maker, coffee drinker, rum imbiber, chocolate eater.

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  1. so true and in the pre-internet days I composed letters to my father and boy you can’t take those back ever because there it remains as written evidence… Words are tricky, elusive & double edged. I don’t know how we as a race manage to communicate at all really

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    • There is a word that at present eludes me, which sums up my own dithering over saying what needs to be said. In the past I would say nothing rather than say the wrong thing, or worse, the right thing inadquately. These days I am more forthright, but I still have my moment – was brought up to be polite and not offend!
      On the whole as a race we communicate badly.


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