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Playground Initiation

They will never, ever learn that lesson until it is too late.
Every week they would arrive, excited,chattering laughing.
The new ones, naive, their eyes bright with expectation.
Others quieter, knowing, their eyes bright with expectation of a different kind.
They knew the lesson about to be learned, for had they each not learned it themselves?
At some point this knowledge would tip from mischievous anticipation to friendly concern.
The ringleaders were there, boys old enough to know better, but somehow never quite learning that lesson.
Egged on, the new ones took up the challenge.
Those who had learned both lessons called out gentle warnings but were ignored. The voices of reason drowned out by the rush of adrenalin and the excited shrieks of the uninitiated.
“Push it! Faster, faster!! Keep going! More! More! More!”
And, as always, the gradual change, the realisation, and the calls to stop, please, stop, that’s enough.
Finally it would grind to a halt and they would stagger away, green-faced, disorientated.
Why did no-one warn them?
Chastened, now they would listen.
“We told you not to spin it too fast or you’d be sick.You’ll know better next time”

Last Line First


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Reluctant writer, word dabbler...tea maker, coffee drinker, rum imbiber, chocolate eater.

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