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Sometimes you feel like you just saved the world. Your heart swells. You feel there must be sign, a huge neon arrow pointing at you flashing the words “Saviour of the World as We Know It”. Then you look around, and no-one is staring, no-one is cheering. There is no applause, no news crew waiting to interview you.
And you realise that, yes, you may have just saved the world, but not one single, solitary person noticed. Their lives carry on without so much as a blip, no flickering lights, no tell-tale alarms, no dip in the power supply.
And that is down to you. To your genius, your skill. To the fact that you are so good at saving the world that you spotted the problem, and solved it, before anyone even knew there was one. And that’s good, because if people knew how fragile their world really was, well, they would never sleep in their beds, would they?

But oh! Sometimes, wouldn’t it be nice to get the credit? To hear the ripple of appreciation stirring through the crowd, to have your hand clasped and fervently shaken, and to be thanked.
“Thank you.”
Yes, just occasionally, that would be nice.

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