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“If I left tomorrow would anyone even know?”
She felt the blood run cold in her veins.
Yes! Yes! I would know!
The voice in her head screamed back at the single line of text.
She screwed closed her eyes and turned the page, hoping against hope that this was a rhetorical question. Hoping that when she slowly opened her eyes, one at a time, squinting breathlessly at the page, he would still be there.
But no. There was nothing. No-one. Blank white paper stared back at her. The sheer whiteness of it hurt her eyes. The blankness clutched at her heart and she felt its emptiness like a void in her soul.
She closed the journal, traced her fingers over the letters on the cover. This was all he had left her – a year of words. Words that had drawn her in and given her hope.
She clutched the book to her breast and cried.

Last Line First Week 10


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Reluctant writer, word dabbler...tea maker, coffee drinker, rum imbiber, chocolate eater.

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