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Remedial Repairs

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It had taken a long time. Longer than she would ever have imagined. But finally it was over. She was free of him. Now her life could begin again. It felt a little strange, if she was honest, and she didn’t quite know how to handle the strangeness. She decided to ignore it and just get on with things. She went out, to the park, to the theatre, to concerts, to art galleries and museums. She met up with old friends and drank tea and ate cake. So much cake! She wondered that there hadn’t been a world cake shortage declared. But in the end even the butter cream from a mountain of cake was not  enough to plaster over the cracks, and slowly, slowly the strangeness began to ooze back into her consciousness….


About Dabblewords

Reluctant writer, word dabbler...tea maker, coffee drinker, rum imbiber, chocolate eater.

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