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I am angry.
You have made me angry.
It is not a feeling I like.
I have run the gamut of emotions from
amused incredulity, through
irritated disbelief, to
I can’t believe you have done this.
Can’t believe that you could think so little of me.
I was cross that
you took such a small thing and made
A huge drama of it.
I was cross.
Because, you know me better than that.
But apparently not.
And so now,
now I feel angry.
Not cross.
I feel angry and betrayed.
And it is not a feeling I like.


About Hawksword

Reluctant writer, word dabbler...tea maker, coffee drinker, rum imbiber, chocolate eater.

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  1. Wow! Powerful and very to the point. I’d hate for you to be this angry with me.

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  2. I am often cross. Cross is a fleeting thing, soon gone. I am not often very angry. Anger is more serious. Not many people make me angry.


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