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Heating on
Duvet up to my chin.
Cat curled sleeping
Peaceful, beside me.
Sudden coldness
Lifts hairs.
A step on my grave.
A ghost passing by.

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“I think I am keener than you.”
She laughed but didn’t contradict.
Better he should think that
Than know the truth.
She couldn’t afford to offer a sliver of hope.
Much better for everyone
If he never found out how
Keen she really was.


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Too much 


too little motivation. 

Things really can’t  

get worse.

I have not writ 

one single word 

much less a line or verse.
Day 4 Poem? 1

Day Eight – way behind!!

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There’s a sell by date on my apple.
If I eat it after the date what will happen?
Will the pips sprout and turn me
Into a vessel for a tree?

Family Portrait

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The darkness is creeping in
They smile and smile
But family and friends have
Crept away
And I am alone


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Yesterday’s child now
An adult.
Always my baby.

A Prayer

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My cherry tree sways
Sweeping clouds away
From the clear blue.
Stretching skyward,
Beseeching the heavens
For a stay of execution.

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