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Heating on
Duvet up to my chin.
Cat curled sleeping
Peaceful, beside me.
Sudden coldness
Lifts hairs.
A step on my grave.
A ghost passing by.

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Disappointment rises, 

burning like bile 

in her throat,

curdling hope.

She chokes it down 

and turns 

and smiles.
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I begged you not to clown around.

You said it was impossible. “Clowning around is just who I am”, you said.

I laughed, and took the proffered balloons. How could I not?

three line tales

The Dark

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The day came when the darkness rose and those we loved turned against us. There was no rhyme or reason to who was chosen. The great and the good were turned while the most heinous criminal was spared. We learned to trust no one. We feared everyone. Our world was changed forever.

Weekly Photo Challenge: transmogrify

Time Out

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It had been a desultry start to the week. Nothing was going right and today, her day off, began with yet another shopping trip. Supermarket sweep. There must be more to life than this, she thought as she turned the car homeward.

On her left she spotted the entrance to the park. How many times had she driven past thinking one day she ought to take time to investigate it? She had passed the snowdrops in February, the daffodils in March, the bluebells in May. Impulsively she swung the car into the entrance and crunched to a stop. She followed the path and discovered an opening into a small walled garden. She was struck by the sheer peacefulness. A breeze rustled the leaves in the trees, a bird chirped and somewhere a bee bumbled, unhurriedly among the blooms.

Gradually she felt the tension seep away and in this neglected little corner of the park her fraught soul took a moment to soak up the calm.

Cherry on top – weekly photo challenge


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The pattern of her life seemed pretty straight forward. All the colours blending into a unified whole. Close up, if people bothered to look, really look, they would see many threads, running parallel but each one separate. Held together by the weft of her will, there was no danger that they would fray. The colours complimented each other, blending into a whole…even the one thread that wasn’t quite like the others. From a distance, he too blended in but up close, if they really looked, they’d see that he was not quite like the other threads. 

Details – weekly photo challenge

Poetry Carousel

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Poetry Carousel Tutors: Kim Moore, Clare Shaw, Tsead Bruinja and William Letford Tuesday 16th August 3pm – Friday 19th August at 12 midday Abbot Hall Hotel, Grange-Over-Sands, To book …

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