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My weakness is my greatest regret.
I tried to be strong.
Lord! I tried so hard!
Everyday I would tell myself that this would be the day.
This would be the day I would stay strong.
This would be the day I resisted temptation.
And everyday I believed I would succeed.
And everyday I failed. Every single day.
I was not strong. I did not resist.
I could not resist.
The temptation was just too strong.
Stronger than me. Stronger than my will.
You – you were too strong.
You drew me to you like a magnet.
Physics, then, was my downfall.
Or maybe biology.
I was a moth drawn to the flame that would be my destruction.
Or perhaps it was just the chemistry?
There was certainly chemistry between us.
Well, it was some kind of science for sure. Though at times it seemed more like witchcraft, a dark art, the work of the devil, this attraction to you.
But that’s the trouble with temptation.
It is attractive and sweet and addictive.
It pulls you in against your will, wrapping you up in its sweetness, melting away all resistance.
And who can fight against that?
Not me.
I was undone before I even began.

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The Challenge

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Challenges and indecision and procrastination.
There was very little she could do. He had laid down the challenge and was even now waiting for her response.
But how could she possibly respond to it?
It went against every principle she had ever held!
Then again, how could she not?
To not respond was an admission of defeat and she would never admit that!
Cursing, she took the only available option.
She decided to wait till morning…


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Jigsaw. As she places
another piece, it occurs to
her that friendships are
much like a jigsaw. You start
out safely, skirting the edges,
making the first, obvious
links. As the picture unfolds,
some pieces slip in easily,
others are more difficult to
place. You have to work at
them. Occasionally a piece
could be wedged in where it
doesn’t belong, causing
untold problems.
Fortunately, for some, she
has a keen eye for such

Thanks to Paragraph Planet for including this in September’s collection.

Long distance love, in 75 words?

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Modern Romance. Some days he would email her early in the morning, others just after eight, or maybe nine. Often it would be much later, some days not at all. There was always a reason. No internet, no data left, appointments, meetings, illness. He might find five minutes in his day to dash off a quick “hi, sorry. I’ve been busy…” Of course, she knew the real reason for his “busy-ness”. Wives were hard to fool.

A Word of Truth

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I’d like to be free
from the niceties
of the polite
and the
socially accepted.
I’d like to be able to say
what I think,
what I feel,
without fear
of recrimination
or misinterpretation,
of words misconstrued
and meanings reconstructed.
I’d like to be honest.
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