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The wind roared, battering against the walls and clattering the window. Rain richocheted off the panes. More unfortunate drops splattered onto the glass, disintegrating into a watery death. The building was under seige from the elements. Inside, a roar eclipsed the noise of the wind, and the fist of Brother Septimus hammered on his desk. “WRITE!” Frozen fingers gripped the pen and resumed their scratching at the paper. More than a building was under siege.

Paragraph Planet, Nov 15, 2015


Stock Checking

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In the stacks
I find hidden gems.
A Perthshire Notebook,
Letters to her Daughter from Calamity Jane,
Journeys off the Beaten Track,
Their pages sing like a siren’s call
And lure me from the task at hand.



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I listen
as the keyboard taps out titles
in 16 point
and the ancient heater rattles out warm air
into the chill space.
Twenty percent
and no milage to claim.

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