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The devastation was unbelievable. Glass crunched underfoot as he stepped tentatively into the carnage. A solitary light flickered into life, then died. Where was Murray? This would take some explaining!
A noise to his left set him spinning towards the tree. There, crawling out from under crushed pine was Murray. Collar askew, he crept forward, twined apologetically around John’s legs, and dropped the one unbroken bauble at his feet.
John sighed. Just another Murray Christmas.


Christmas Spirit 1

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Christmas in 75 words…?

The forms of things unknown

By Denise Sparrowhawk

Christmas Spirit. The bus was full. A weight of sadness dragged on her soul. She closed her eyes, centering her thoughts on the sadness, and made the wish. Gradually she sensed a shift – the weight dragging on her soul a little less unbearable. The bus stopped, disgorged its excited passengers onto the pavement to scurry home. One man waited, watching the bus pull away. She saw him smile, shrug, straighten his shoulders and stride away.

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One night, four ghosts.
Christmas – past, present, future.
Save one life. Change many.


Christmas in 75 words.

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The Chimney sneezed. They held their breath and listened. Their ears straining to catch the sound again, it had been so faint, almost ethereal. They thought perhaps they had imagined it. But no! There it was, muffled, distorted by intervening brickwork and confined space. But definitely there. A sudden violent fall of soot sent them screeching away, watching in awe as a bad tempered man in a preposterous, dirty, red suit flumped onto the hearth.


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May your fairy lights twinkle brightly
And your baubles dangle free.
And may you find the thing you wish for most
Wrapped up beneath your Christmas tree.


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