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Fairweather Friends

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Fairweather friend. I am not your fairweather friend. I am your foul weather friend. I am your friend for the dark days, the stormy days; the days when you roar and stamp and everyone else runs for cover. Not for me the days of sunshine and sweet talk. On those days I am sidelined, shunned. On those days my presence is too painful. I disturb the peace of your sushine days with my stormy memories.

Paragraph Planet, Nov 9th 2017

Tweaked it slightly.



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Fluttering beneath 

my ribcage. Excitement and


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Seventy Five Words

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Paper fluttered across the grass. Pages were whisked up, soaring in loop the loops, then dropped to settle for an instant before the wind caught them again. They scattered like skittish school girls flirting and giggling with the wind till it casually dropped them and sloped off. They were left crushed on the lawn like so many unwanted wrappers. Cecily looked at the limp, abandoned pages, and wished their words could no longer hurt her. 28.06.2016


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There was so much to say.
Her heart was so full that the words caught in her throat.
She swallowed and smiled. There was too much to say.

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