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It was difficult, starting over. Re-doing it all from scratch. Everything was a struggle. They queried everything. Questioned her every move. Where had she come from? When had she left? How would she live? And worst of all, why? Why had she left, why had she come here? Why should they help her? Why? Why? Why? She had no answers. She only knew that she had had to leave, had to get away. She had to start again, take a different path, make a new life. She hadn’t thought it would be so hard.



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Sarah waited. She was patient. She’d had lots of practice over the years. The¬†only sister to four brothers, she had learned very quickly that her wants
and needs came second, well, sixth, actually. There was a pecking order. Dad then Joe, Sam, Rich, Pete. Sarah came last, and least. So she waited patiently, as her mother had waited, for a chance to escape, wondering, sometimes, why her mother would have left her to this.

Paragraph Planet June 17th 2015


The road ahead
promises escape and adventure
Blue skies and sunshine
beckon me south.
Duty and responsibility prevail
dragging me east
at the one-seven-nine.



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