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Divine Intervention

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Rain thrummed on the roof of the car and streamed across the windscreen. Sooner or later she would have to brave the elements – well, the one element – and face the group gathered inside. Of all the days for a downpour, why today? She would have enough to contend with, she didn’t need to arrive looking like a drowned rat too. She sent up a silent half-hearted prayer to the God she didn’t really believe in. She only needed a few minutes break in the weather. Just enough to arrive at the church dry. Perhaps He could send a guardian angel with an umbrella? Ridiculous, she knew. No such thing as guardian angels either. The drumming on the roof of the car eased, then ceased. Thank heavens! She leapt from the car and made a dash for the church. Behind her, unnoticed, a sodden white feather drifted slowly down the windscreen.

This was my first submission to Ad Hoc Fiction. A weekly challenge with max 150 word limit. The prompt word, which had to be included in the piece, was “feather”.

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