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Fairweather Friends

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Fairweather friend. I am not your fairweather friend. I am your foul weather friend. I am your friend for the dark days, the stormy days; the days when you roar and stamp and everyone else runs for cover. Not for me the days of sunshine and sweet talk. On those days I am sidelined, shunned. On those days my presence is too painful. I disturb the peace of your sushine days with my stormy memories.

Paragraph Planet, Nov 9th 2017

Tweaked it slightly.


Missing you

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Checking the chat app

Everyday, wond’ring

Do you do that too?

Just a hug?

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Sometimes a hug is all it takes. It can lift a person out of the stultifying fog of existance into the brightness of truth. Such a hug lifted me. It opened my eyes to the truth. I saw things differently, saw the reality. I saw that sad sap, sobbing out his story, leaning in to take advantage. I knew it had to be stopped. He gave me no choice. All it took was a hug. 17.04.2016

Bitter Sweet

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All those things you said.

Those words you used.

All those words.

Not that I believed them.

Not then.

Not now.

But, oh! how sweet they sounded.

And how often you said them.

And how much I wanted to believe.

But, I was right not to


Not the words.

Not the sweetness.

Not you.

I knew, all along, such words were not for me.

All those words,

beautiful, sweet,

Not meant for me.


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Polite. Measured. Formal. His words immediately trigger alarm bells. They are not usually formally polite. Something is up but she knows better than to push now. So she replies in equally formal tone. He’ll know she’s onto him. Now she just has to wait. In a couple of hours she’ll try again, less formal, and see if the barriers are up, or maybe just unlocked and access possible.
Their friendship is a careful balancing act.


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Outwardly calm,
Your face a mask.
There is no clue
To the slow burn
Seething within.
And you speak –
Icily polite –
Words to freeze
The sun’s ray.
They do not see
The cold spark
That will ignite
The furnace blast
Flash fire
That will scorch the soft
Earth of friendship.

Post-it Note Poetry #12

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A bright cluster
Huddled in the roadside shadows
Remind me of John David’s image
Perilously captured,
The start of a friendship.
I smile at the memory.
And miss my friend.



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