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I saw her looking at the display. She was planted in front of it, fingers splayed out, the tips white against the glass, forehead pressed tight against the window. I stood back, listening to her exclamations, the voice pitched almost higher than was humanly audible. Words bubbled up from her throat and burst out in a piercing babble. Impatience and frustration seethed inside me. I needed her to move on, these were mine! They were not meant for her. No amount of wishing would make them hers. But they could be mine, would be mine.  Blood roaring in my ears, I sensed rather than saw her relax away from the window, the man with her was saying something, making soothing noises. I saw them turn and walk away, the girl turning back for one last, longing look.

I held each one, turning them over in my hands, seeing them gleam and sparkle. Beautiful. I placed them with care into the cabinet. All seven spaces finally filled. At last, I had them all, my collection complete. I gathered up the discarded wrappings and a leaflet floated to the floor.
“New! Limited Edition!
Order now and start collecting today!”
My heart fluttered and somewhere deep inside, the stirrings of a new desire flickered into life.

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