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Disappointment rises, 

burning like bile 

in her throat,

curdling hope.

She chokes it down 

and turns 

and smiles.
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Missing you

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Checking the chat app

Everyday, wond’ring

Do you do that too?


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Caught. You dangle your affections like a carrot, and like an ass I follow, reluctant step after reluctant step. My instinct always to resist, my mind suspicious of the gift, fearing a trap. But oh! How bright the carrot! A beacon glowing in the darkness. The sweet, tantalising smell drawing me forward against that instinct. Hope and desire pulling me towards you, stretching my resolve till resistance snaps and I gallop headlong into your trap.

Paragraph Planet Oct 3rd 2015
Prose poem or flash fiction?


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As his footsteps thundered down the stairs, she took up her seat by the window. Upright, back straight, hands in her lap worrying at the cloth wound tight between her fingers. She stared, unseeing, across the field and waited. The slam of the door, though expected, made her flinch. A ragged sigh escaped her lips and her fingers gradually released their stranglehold on the cloth. Her body sagged into the cushioned chair. She closed her eyes and breathed deeply, willing the tight knot inside her to loosen. When she finally opened her eyes, they were clear and focussed, steadily taking in the view across the field. Nothing. No-one. No children screeching in the school yard, no yapping dogs chasing sticks across the green. The scene was perfectly empty, the only discernible movement that of the dark clouds drifting towards the horizon.

Picture  ©James Procopis

World Weary

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Today is a heavy day. Most days are heavy, but she doesn’t usually feel them. Most days, there is something to lighten the load, brighten the outlook. Something to make the unbearable bearable. Most days. Not this day. This day the lightening and brightening only serve to emphasize the weight of it, making it by contrast, seem heavier than ever. Today is not like most days. Today is a heavy day. Tomorrow she will be lighter.

Long distance love, in 75 words?

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Modern Romance. Some days he would email her early in the morning, others just after eight, or maybe nine. Often it would be much later, some days not at all. There was always a reason. No internet, no data left, appointments, meetings, illness. He might find five minutes in his day to dash off a quick “hi, sorry. I’ve been busy…” Of course, she knew the real reason for his “busy-ness”. Wives were hard to fool.

You’ve Got Mail

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You’ve got mail.
An invitation to an exciting new group
And an offer that could change your life.

You’ve got mail.
A reminder to renew your subscription
And an offer that might change your life.

You’ve got mail.
Two notifications from Facebook
And an offer that may change your life.

You’ve got mail.
Three suggestions to follow on twitter
And an offer that would change your life.

You’ve got mail.
One invitation, one reminder, two notifications, three suggestions.
And the offer that will change your life.

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