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Just a hug?

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Sometimes a hug is all it takes. It can lift a person out of the stultifying fog of existance into the brightness of truth. Such a hug lifted me. It opened my eyes to the truth. I saw things differently, saw the reality. I saw that sad sap, sobbing out his story, leaning in to take advantage. I knew it had to be stopped. He gave me no choice. All it took was a hug. 17.04.2016


Sure thing

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She’d played a blinder. Sylvie had to acknowledge it. Of all the things she could have done to keep him, this was the ultimate. There was no defence against it. She had played the joker, and won the bonus points. He’d stick now. No question. She’d given him the thing he wanted most, and the only thing Sylvie couldn’t. He’d never walk away from this. Accidental pregnancy? No chance. The baby was a sure thing.


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Jealousy incites

Unreasonable demands.

Friendship threatened.


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A bindweed,
twisting purple and green
Invades your soul.
A strangle grip
blackening your heart.


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Vicky, in love, was unbearable.
She bounced around like an over-excited puppy, wagging her metaphorical tail and drooling everywhere. I really thought at one point she might actually wet herself.
This time she had found ‘The One’. Definitely. Pete was gorgeous inside and out – so good looking but thoughtful and romantic too, and ‘Oh my God! In bed! Earthshatteringly excellent!’
It was too much. God forgive me, I couldn’t help myself.
‘I know,’ I said.


Posted on Paragraph Planet on April 1st 2014

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