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The words had been carefully placed. Dropped like pebbles into water they rippled outwards in infinite circles. The repercussions would drag them all down. The chaos he had held in check for so long was breaking loose, and he knew without a doubt attempting to stop it now would simply churn the waters more. It was unfair, but once uttered, those words could not be taken back. Helpless, he watched as life collapsed around him.

Paragraph Planet 10.1.2019


Science Explained by a Scientist to a Poet.

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What’s so good about science? I asked.

Atomic lego, you said. You said it sheepishly not quite meeting my eye.
It’s like building the universe with bricks, you said.

And you talked, of benzine rings and elements,
Carbons and hydrocarbons, oxygens and nitrogens.

And the words tumbled out from your mouth
Your hands scooping them up to mould them into
Something a poet might grasp.

And then,
Have you paper? Yes?
It’s like this…

And out they came. Diagrams spreading across the page like spider webs.

And you talked of ratios and rules. Of complex formulae.
Your eyes, bright, held mine.
It’s just like Lego, you said. Only the right pieces fit together.

A bit like you and I. You said.

Time Out

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It had been a desultry start to the week. Nothing was going right and today, her day off, began with yet another shopping trip. Supermarket sweep. There must be more to life than this, she thought as she turned the car homeward.

On her left she spotted the entrance to the park. How many times had she driven past thinking one day she ought to take time to investigate it? She had passed the snowdrops in February, the daffodils in March, the bluebells in May. Impulsively she swung the car into the entrance and crunched to a stop. She followed the path and discovered an opening into a small walled garden. She was struck by the sheer peacefulness. A breeze rustled the leaves in the trees, a bird chirped and somewhere a bee bumbled, unhurriedly among the blooms.

Gradually she felt the tension seep away and in this neglected little corner of the park her fraught soul took a moment to soak up the calm.

Cherry on top – weekly photo challenge

Sun setting

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Light, sun’s life blood, seeps
Through clouds, cracked, across the sky.
Blood red,  the day dies.


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Jigsaw. As she places
another piece, it occurs to
her that friendships are
much like a jigsaw. You start
out safely, skirting the edges,
making the first, obvious
links. As the picture unfolds,
some pieces slip in easily,
others are more difficult to
place. You have to work at
them. Occasionally a piece
could be wedged in where it
doesn’t belong, causing
untold problems.
Fortunately, for some, she
has a keen eye for such

Thanks to Paragraph Planet for including this in September’s collection.

Life lessons

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I’m learning to live
Without you.
It’s not easy.
I haven’t mastered it
Maybe I never will.
But I’m learning.
To live.
Without you.

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