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Four things

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He needed four things, he said. “You, me, a bed and a day.” It sounded simple, but she knew better. Even if they could find a day, there would be no bed. And she wasn’t fooling herself. They could barely manage an hour together before he was called away. A whole day was a pipe dream. Still, it was a lovely dream, so she allowed herself to believe in it, just for a little while.


Science Explained by a Scientist to a Poet.

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What’s so good about science? I asked.

Atomic lego, you said. You said it sheepishly not quite meeting my eye.
It’s like building the universe with bricks, you said.

And you talked, of benzine rings and elements,
Carbons and hydrocarbons, oxygens and nitrogens.

And the words tumbled out from your mouth
Your hands scooping them up to mould them into
Something a poet might grasp.

And then,
Have you paper? Yes?
It’s like this…

And out they came. Diagrams spreading across the page like spider webs.

And you talked of ratios and rules. Of complex formulae.
Your eyes, bright, held mine.
It’s just like Lego, you said. Only the right pieces fit together.

A bit like you and I. You said.


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Fluttering beneath 

my ribcage. Excitement and


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Survival tactics

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He couldn’t survive a day without her. To be so close and not to see her, to know she was near and not to hear her, it was unbearable! So he entered the room, striding in as if he belonged, nodding confidently at anyone who caught his eye. He carefully chose a seat at the edge of the room and waited. Then, there she was. She stepped onto the stage. She spoke. It was enough. 23.05.2016

Things not told

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You tell me that you love me.
That I mean the world to you – and more.
I am not so sure.
I have been here – with you – before.

You tell me that you love me.
That I mean the world to you,
And more.
But there are things that you don’t tell me
And these things know the score.

Just a hug?

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Sometimes a hug is all it takes. It can lift a person out of the stultifying fog of existance into the brightness of truth. Such a hug lifted me. It opened my eyes to the truth. I saw things differently, saw the reality. I saw that sad sap, sobbing out his story, leaning in to take advantage. I knew it had to be stopped. He gave me no choice. All it took was a hug. 17.04.2016

Love Heart

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He’d said he loved her with all of his heart. She’d laughed and told him that a lie was never a good way to start a marriage, that it was not possible to love someone with all of his heart, that there had to be room in there for all the others too. They’d argued. He remembered how incensed he’d felt. How he’d accused her, saying she clearly did not love him as much as he loved her. She had sighed, and told him he was immature, and that one day he would understand. This had not helped but, because he loved her with all of his heart, he had swallowed his anger and settled himself into an uneasy truce. His unease lasted just nine months until the day tiny fingers clutched his and an unfocussed gaze turned at the sound of his voice. He looked from his daughter to his wife, and his heart all but burst with love. Finally, he understood.

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