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Heating on
Duvet up to my chin.
Cat curled sleeping
Peaceful, beside me.
Sudden coldness
Lifts hairs.
A step on my grave.
A ghost passing by.

#micropoetry #napowrimo18



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Disappointment rises, 

burning like bile 

in her throat,

curdling hope.

She chokes it down 

and turns 

and smiles.
#microprompt #taste


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You left me. Again.
I saw the signs,
Expected it, hoped
Against hope. But
The signs are never wrong,
And I never misread them.
This time I couldn’t hold you.


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In so few words
My voice was silenced,
My feelings crushed,
My heart broken.
Our world in chaos
And no way to right it.

#Poetheme 118

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