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Just a hug?

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Sometimes a hug is all it takes. It can lift a person out of the stultifying fog of existance into the brightness of truth. Such a hug lifted me. It opened my eyes to the truth. I saw things differently, saw the reality. I saw that sad sap, sobbing out his story, leaning in to take advantage. I knew it had to be stopped. He gave me no choice. All it took was a hug. 17.04.2016



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In the distance sulky clouds hung over the harbour. At the top of the hill, the wind shrilled between the cars. Tessa stood waiting, watching, listening to its icy whine. How appropriately Hardyesque, she thought. The house door, blue as a summer sky, swept open and a figure sauntered out into the street. Carefully, deliberately, Tessa released the handbrake, and stepped back from his car. The first raindrops, black as blood, spattered on the pavement.

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