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Too much 


too little motivation. 

Things really can’t  

get worse.

I have not writ 

one single word 

much less a line or verse.
Day 4 Poem? 1


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Ink drips word drops
That seep, bloodred,
Into paper.
Oozing half formed
Thoughts that spread
And stain.

Revealing more than
I fail the inkblot test.


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Yesterday’s child now
An adult.
Always my baby.


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Monday’s mental arithmetic
Maddened me.
Thursday morning, without fail,
Problems defied solution.
Times tables challenged me daily.
Long division was divisive,
Fractions proved fractious.
Two plus two may well have made four
And three times six, eighteen
The sum of it all remained


Star Fish

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Monstrous Typhon
Fierce and feared
His might no match for Love.
Cast into water
Held safe on a line
A mother and her son.


Gudbye t’Jayne

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I s’pose I should be grateful
For the good times we have had
But today tbh
Jayne’s Leaving just
Leaves me


Too late

A gauntlet has been
Thrown. A challenge accepted,
Too late to step down.

Day One

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