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Water was everywhere. Running from over flowing gutters, streaming slick-like down brick walls and fences. The drains had given up long since, throwing back the water in fountains of protest. It pooled into puddles on saturated lawns. A gust of air sent a drum roll of droplets across the polytunnel. Be careful what you wish for, Granny used to say, you might just get it. Who had wished for rain for the garden, she wondered?

Submitted PP July ’17


Survival tactics

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He couldn’t survive a day without her. To be so close and not to see her, to know she was near and not to hear her, it was unbearable! So he entered the room, striding in as if he belonged, nodding confidently at anyone who caught his eye. He carefully chose a seat at the edge of the room and waited. Then, there she was. She stepped onto the stage. She spoke. It was enough. 23.05.2016

Just a hug?

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Sometimes a hug is all it takes. It can lift a person out of the stultifying fog of existance into the brightness of truth. Such a hug lifted me. It opened my eyes to the truth. I saw things differently, saw the reality. I saw that sad sap, sobbing out his story, leaning in to take advantage. I knew it had to be stopped. He gave me no choice. All it took was a hug. 17.04.2016

Ten Days

Ten days after the storm the strangers came. They stood, silent and still, in the town square. The people watched from behind shuttered windows. After two days the first brave souls ventured out into the streets. The strangers stared ahead. They showed no sign that they saw or heard anyone. Next day the strangers were gone. The people gathered silently in the square staring after them. Ten days after the strangers left, the sickness came. Jan 9th 2016


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Sarah waited. She was patient. She’d had lots of practice over the years. The only sister to four brothers, she had learned very quickly that her wants
and needs came second, well, sixth, actually. There was a pecking order. Dad then Joe, Sam, Rich, Pete. Sarah came last, and least. So she waited patiently, as her mother had waited, for a chance to escape, wondering, sometimes, why her mother would have left her to this.

Paragraph Planet June 17th 2015

The Caller

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The phone rings, the shrillness making me jump, though I have been waiting for the sound for an eternity. I mustn’t answer too quickly. He’ll be expecting that. My mouth is dry. I count, heart thudding like a death knock against my ribs. One. Thud. Two. Thud. Wait. Wait. I lift the receiver, hand shaking, breathe out slowly, faking calm. “Hello?” Nothing. Then, at the end of the line, I hear the low, mocking laughter.


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Jigsaw. As she places
another piece, it occurs to
her that friendships are
much like a jigsaw. You start
out safely, skirting the edges,
making the first, obvious
links. As the picture unfolds,
some pieces slip in easily,
others are more difficult to
place. You have to work at
them. Occasionally a piece
could be wedged in where it
doesn’t belong, causing
untold problems.
Fortunately, for some, she
has a keen eye for such

Thanks to Paragraph Planet for including this in September’s collection.

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