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Fairweather Friends

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Fairweather friend. I am not your fairweather friend. I am your foul weather friend. I am your friend for the dark days, the stormy days; the days when you roar and stamp and everyone else runs for cover. Not for me the days of sunshine and sweet talk. On those days I am sidelined, shunned. On those days my presence is too painful. I disturb the peace of your sushine days with my stormy memories.

Paragraph Planet, Nov 9th 2017

Tweaked it slightly.


Science Explained by a Scientist to a Poet.

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What’s so good about science? I asked.

Atomic lego, you said. You said it sheepishly not quite meeting my eye.
It’s like building the universe with bricks, you said.

And you talked, of benzine rings and elements,
Carbons and hydrocarbons, oxygens and nitrogens.

And the words tumbled out from your mouth
Your hands scooping them up to mould them into
Something a poet might grasp.

And then,
Have you paper? Yes?
It’s like this…

And out they came. Diagrams spreading across the page like spider webs.

And you talked of ratios and rules. Of complex formulae.
Your eyes, bright, held mine.
It’s just like Lego, you said. Only the right pieces fit together.

A bit like you and I. You said.

Remedial Repairs

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It had taken a long time. Longer than she would ever have imagined. But finally it was over. She was free of him. Now her life could begin again. It felt a little strange, if she was honest, and she didn’t quite know how to handle the strangeness. She decided to ignore it and just get on with things. She went out, to the park, to the theatre, to concerts, to art galleries and museums. She met up with old friends and drank tea and ate cake. So much cake! She wondered that there hadn’t been a world cake shortage declared. But in the end even the butter cream from a mountain of cake was not  enough to plaster over the cracks, and slowly, slowly the strangeness began to ooze back into her consciousness….

Four Word Prompt

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Sally pulled the edges of her jacket together, wrapped her arms tightly round her body and shivered. She’d been here for hours now. Waiting. As usual. The things she did for love!
Of course it had been great earlier. The sun had been shining, it had been warm and there had been others around, all waiting, chattering and laughing, excited. She’d joined them, sitting on blankets on the grass, shared a bottle of wine or two, and as the sun rose higher, she’d stripped down as bare as she dared and made the most of the company and the sunshine. Now she could feel the hot sting burning across her back and shoulders. She’d regret it later, should have been more careful, but it would be worth a little bit of discomfort. And right now it was the only bit of warmth she had. The sun had dipped behind the mountains. Most of her new found friends had gone. In a flurry of excitement, reunited with their loved ones they had waved cheery goodbyes, and taken with them the camaraderie and the joy of the day, leaving behind just herself and a few others, forlornly waiting.
She tried not to think of her friends on their beach holiday. She could have been there now, getting ready to go bar hopping, dressed in next to nothing, complaining about sand in uncomfotable places.
And then she saw him. Walking, pushing his cycle slowly up the hill. He looked exhausted, defeated.
Resolutely, she plastered a bright smile on her face and tried not to feel guilty at wishing she was anywhere other than half way up a mountain in the Basque country.

Four word prompt: Love,  basque,  guilt,  sand


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As his footsteps thundered down the stairs, she took up her seat by the window. Upright, back straight, hands in her lap worrying at the cloth wound tight between her fingers. She stared, unseeing, across the field and waited. The slam of the door, though expected, made her flinch. A ragged sigh escaped her lips and her fingers gradually released their stranglehold on the cloth. Her body sagged into the cushioned chair. She closed her eyes and breathed deeply, willing the tight knot inside her to loosen. When she finally opened her eyes, they were clear and focussed, steadily taking in the view across the field. Nothing. No-one. No children screeching in the school yard, no yapping dogs chasing sticks across the green. The scene was perfectly empty, the only discernible movement that of the dark clouds drifting towards the horizon.

Picture  ©James Procopis

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