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Conversation. This is how it goes; I say something, then you say something. Ideally the thing you say would be related to the thing I said, but it’s possible that you’d respond with something random. The key then would be for me to absorb it and bounce it back to you, building a rally of somethings between us. Otherwise it’s just me batting words against a wall and that’s not a conversation, that’s a monologue. 

It’s a while since I had something on Paragraph Planet though to be fair it’s a while since I submitted too. This was dashed off in frustration at various people who either never respond or just never really listen… It was featured on the website on Sat 7th Jan 2017.



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In so few words
My voice was silenced,
My feelings crushed,
My heart broken.
Our world in chaos
And no way to right it.

#Poetheme 118

Post-it Note Poetry #17

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A tap drips a rhythmic drop
Into the silent house.
Ripples echo outside –
A dog’s bark.
A muted shout,
The distant hum of traffic.
Dislocated sounds
Of life
Beyond these walls.
In the house a tap drips.


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Gliding in silence
circling high on thermal air
silver flash on blue.
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