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It was difficult, starting over. Re-doing it all from scratch. Everything was a struggle. They queried everything. Questioned her every move. Where had she come from? When had she left? How would she live? And worst of all, why? Why had she left, why had she come here? Why should they help her? Why? Why? Why? She had no answers. She only knew that she had had to leave, had to get away. She had to start again, take a different path, make a new life. She hadn’t thought it would be so hard.


Summer Love

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A summer of laughter. We flew half way around the world, walked hand in hand on beaches of golden sand, gazed rapt at the stars so bright in the night sky. We surfed, riding the salt waves. We dove beneath them; swam, amazed by the silent, undersea world. Dazzled by the colours, the sunshine, the glistening seas, we thought our happiness was complete, unassailable.

Just one month of English sleet drove an icy wedge between us, our sunshine forgotten, the colours leeched away. By six months the shades of our love were drawn, hanging limp and grey, our happiness quartered.


The road ahead
promises escape and adventure
Blue skies and sunshine
beckon me south.
Duty and responsibility prevail
dragging me east
at the one-seven-nine.



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