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Skin Deep

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He felt the first cold, piercing touch of the blade. Pain coursed through him and he steeled himself for the onlsaught that he knew was coming. The knife would dig and gouge, clumsily slicing into him, revealing the soft flesh, releasing his lifeblood. Even when they came armed with the sharpest blade they still lacked the skill that would make the ordeal less painful. As this most recent assault progressed, he screamed his pain. A silent scream. It would disturb no-one’s dream but his own. When it was done, they stepped back and admired their handiwork.
He shuddered, and the pain shivered out through his leaves. Sap oozed from the wound as they left, arms entwined, oblivious to the pain they had inflicted. The declaration of their undying love emblazoned in scar tissue on his bark.

“Joe n Suzy 4 Eva”

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