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The words had been carefully placed. Dropped like pebbles into water they rippled outwards in infinite circles. The repercussions would drag them all down. The chaos he had held in check for so long was breaking loose, and he knew without a doubt attempting to stop it now would simply churn the waters more. It was unfair, but once uttered, those words could not be taken back. Helpless, he watched as life collapsed around him.

Paragraph Planet 10.1.2019


Science Explained by a Scientist to a Poet.

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What’s so good about science? I asked.

Atomic lego, you said. You said it sheepishly not quite meeting my eye.
It’s like building the universe with bricks, you said.

And you talked, of benzine rings and elements,
Carbons and hydrocarbons, oxygens and nitrogens.

And the words tumbled out from your mouth
Your hands scooping them up to mould them into
Something a poet might grasp.

And then,
Have you paper? Yes?
It’s like this…

And out they came. Diagrams spreading across the page like spider webs.

And you talked of ratios and rules. Of complex formulae.
Your eyes, bright, held mine.
It’s just like Lego, you said. Only the right pieces fit together.

A bit like you and I. You said.

Things not told

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You tell me that you love me.
That I mean the world to you – and more.
I am not so sure.
I have been here – with you – before.

You tell me that you love me.
That I mean the world to you,
And more.
But there are things that you don’t tell me
And these things know the score.

A Word of Truth

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I’d like to be free
from the niceties
of the polite
and the
socially accepted.
I’d like to be able to say
what I think,
what I feel,
without fear
of recrimination
or misinterpretation,
of words misconstrued
and meanings reconstructed.
I’d like to be honest.
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