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Twice tasted

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This month is Post-it Note Poetry Month, a very informal challenge designed to be a fun way to get people writing. There is no pressure, just an invite to write something small enough to fit on a post-it, everyday for the month. 

I have joined in for the past 2 years but this year has proved difficult and I don’t quite know why. There is a lot going on at the moment and my writing has suffered. Not that I am a serious writer, in that I don’t make a living at it, it’s my hobby. I do it for pleasure and the pleasure hasn’t been there lately. 

So I have not managed even a bad post-it poem everyday. However, I did manage this one inspired by a rosehip I spotted still clinging on against the odds in February.

It seemed a good fit for the Daily Post Photo Challenge.

Post-It Note Poetry 2017

‚ÄčWeekly Photo Challenge



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Ink drips word drops
That seep, bloodred,
Into paper.
Oozing half formed
Thoughts that spread
And stain.

Revealing more than
I fail the inkblot test.


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The wind roared, battering against the walls and clattering the window. Rain richocheted off the panes. More unfortunate drops splattered onto the glass, disintegrating into a watery death. The building was under seige from the elements. Inside, a roar eclipsed the noise of the wind, and the fist of Brother Septimus hammered on his desk. “WRITE!” Frozen fingers gripped the pen and resumed their scratching at the paper. More than a building was under siege.

Paragraph Planet, Nov 15, 2015


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In my head
Words jostle
Clammering to be chosen
to be writ large,
typed true.
They fight and scuffle,
elbowing and pushing,
Brilliant, bright, bedazzling.
At my fingertip
Uncertainty looms.
At the nib of my pen,
their confidence fails.
They baulk at the sight
Of a bright, white page,
and skulk and crawl away.

Wordle: Writer's Block

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